Cflead i.e Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development Initiative is a business development platform that has change lots of lives through the tool of Entrepreneurship and Leadership concepts. Changing and transforming lives of many. We are a registered entity under the Nigerian Corporate Commission.

Contrary to public opinion it’s not a Job sourcing firm, anyone who works at Cflead is a partner and a team leader. Here you’re being taught and guided on how to succeed in business, and we follow you through until success.

Cflead is not a scam contrary to some sites review, it is a legit business, you can visit our offices in Ikeja, Magodo or Abule-egba to make your findings, Nobody would collect your money, It’s not a ponzi scheme, It’s a business.

We have sessions where we enlighten newbies who are interested in our business, there we take you through the nooks and crannies of how to be successful as a team leader.

Yes we send emails to invite people to attend our interview/interactive sessions, But not a Job interview as many perceived it to be. Why? It’s simply because many are of the believe that interviews are only meant for jobs as for us Cflead it’s a dialogue session between you and us.

Cflead is not a robot, but real humans who saw the need to create a unique environment of solving problem through leadership and entrepreneurial qualities.

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