Everyday is important for a business man, Only that Mondays have this Uniqueness attached to it, from the rush on the street, even the car horns sounds differently…

The drive we put in on a Monday morning spreads through the week. That is why It’s always important to start on a high note. So this morning we’ve got some cute and lovely Tips to get your business the right sales and cool profits. Let’s Go!

  1. Start Your week with a Plan: Planning which can be called an organized way of doing things. Helps you to have a focus and conserves energy for a feasible result. As a business you should have a capital plan, Profit plan in persons and in cash. Mind you! It might not turn out as planned but would help you have a sense of responsibility.
  2. EAT YOUR FROG: This is a title of a book by Brian Tracy, this simply implies doing things needed to be done without procrastinating. It’s a new week you need to get the boat sailing. Tell to yourself, I’m going to achieve every plan of mine and do as you’ve pronounced
  3. Speak Positivity: Life isn’t going to be rossy always with the right mindset and vision it is possible. Our thoughts are what translates to our Reality your reality. Be deliberate about your life
  4. Market Your Product/Business in a New Way: Yes! Discover new way of reaching your audience, you might have been using Facebook, why not try other social media platforms, Design a physical flyer, speak to people you’ve never spoken to before. JUST GET YOURSELF OUT!
  5. HAVE A SOURCE OF MOTIVATION: Look out for a mentor and follow strictly and wisely also, because a river without a source is bound to run dry. In all have God, who is the ultimate source.

In all, be ready to go the extra mile for your business to grow, if you’ve been achieving one before, start seeing the need to scale up. Boost your confidence level and do the unusual. DO have a blessed and Fulfilled week ahead, Thank you!

Author: Afolabi Mofolorunsho | Brand Strategist

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