In today’s world, success in business has gone beyond, just the Money But how you Market, it is very possible you invest billions in a business with poor marketing Strategy You will be very surprised all might end up being waste. A successful business involves successful hands not one but two, check grown business such as Apple, Oracle, Facebook all these are established as a team not just one.. There’s need to have a team work for you to achieve an outstanding result. All is not Money but can’t doubt the fact that it is very important.

Money supports strategy please don’t get it twisted here, in fact makes it work faster and easier to implement. Many mistake people make in business is wanting to get profit immediately they invest, neglecting the place of talking about the business, selling the product. Imagine the church not evangelising, Will anyone know about Jesus?, even Jesus knows about Marketing.

Always plan ahead in business, don’t do it like everyone do it, make it yours, own it, stop doing a thing if it’s just for the money because you might end being disappointed. Let passion be your ultimate drive, so you can be able to withstand the hit and coals that perhaps comes in between.

Be strategic, have a list, having a list involves building a network of potential customers and leads, keep their contacts, Send them mail, follow up on them, people you follow up with get used to you, they take you as priority. Relationship blocks alternative, makes you the choice.

It is very important to understand this, Time, People, Purpose, Location, Motivation etc…

Understanding Time in business help spend less while you earn more, it makes you know when to implement plans, when to talk about business. knowing what your business is about wouldn’t just sell your product but helps in building your confidence during marketing. When you’re able to talk about what you sell, it is easier to sell to the buyer than not being sure.

There’s need to understand who your clients are, Are they Workers, Students, Employed or unemployed, graduates or undergraduates, Also Location is where do they reside, where can they be found mostly in church, Agege, Clubs etc…

You need to know their drive, and what piss them off, so you won’t market to wrong emotions, mood is also key.

Lastly understanding the problem to which you’re preferring solution to is a necessity. A Biro manufacturer helps people not to forget, by writing it down, document details being taught or thoughts.

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